Ladies of Burlesque types
In 2024 our project turns 7 years old.
During this time we managed to organise more than 100 shows and launch 6 different formats of events from our team and our own burlesque school with courses and workshops.
Ladies of Burlesque types
ВIn 2024 our project turns 7 years old.
During this time, we managed to organise more than 100 shows and launch 6 different formats of events from our team and our own burlesque school with courses and workshops.
Show guide
All our events are 18+

Big dinner show by "Ladies of Burlesque"
This is our main format and the most long-awaited show, which takes place once a season. This is a three-hour cabaret show in the style of classical and neo-burlesque, which takes place in the exquisite interiors of the Magnus Locus restaurant.

17-18 best performances from residents of the show - professional artists and burlesque artists and the brightest stars of the Russian burlesque scene
These are classical and neo-burlesque, vocal, circus and travesty acts, which are performed in a long block with a short intermission between sections and are accompanied by a compere
This is restaurant seating at tables and the opportunity to order dinner and drinks from the establishment (not included in the ticket price)
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Concert Show Jazz Burlesque
Jazz Burlesque is a large show-concert at the Magnus Locus restaurant, in which live jazz performed by a jazz band is combined with exquisite vintage numbers from the stars of the Russian burlesque scene.
concert program from a live jazz quartet a lot of music and hits from the Golden Age of Jazz 2 burlesque performances with live jazz from singer and artist Marie Weinberg 6 elegant classic burlesque numbers from guest artists bright retro costumes, luxury of feathers and glitter of rhinestones three-hour program in the atmosphere of the golden era of jazz

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    Starlets of Burlesque Show
    A bright project from our team, presenting to the public new faces of Russian burlesque. Like our big show, it takes place in the format of a restaurant show at Magnus Locus. On this show you will meet the rising stars of the genre - their creative path and career began relatively recently, but they already have memorable numbers in their repertoire. All acts are selected for the show based on a competition. Many of the stars of our shows began their careers on the Starlets of Burlesque stage.

    • a big show with restaurant seating at Magnus Locus, a big program for 15 acts with an intermission and a compere
    • an opportunity to meet new faces of the Russian burlesque scene and discover new talents
    • this is a great chance for aspiring artists to perform on the stage of our show and express themselves
    Bar Burlesque Party
    Monthly burlesque party at the bar with dancing, competitions and wine! The main focus of this event is on a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can chat with friends, watch exciting performances, drink wine and cocktails to your taste and, of course, light up the dance floor.
    9 numbers every half hour, between which you will find fun competitions and hot dances to your favorite hits of the 90s and 2000s the most incendiary and experimental numbers of the resident(s) of our show, as well as new faces of the Russian burlesque scene the closeness of the performers to the audience and the immersive nature of the performances, as well as the opportunity to climb onto the stage of the show to take part in the competition the absence of restaurant seating - you sit on empty seats, and most of the time you watch the numbers right next to the stage on the dance floor
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      Draglesque show guide
      All events are 18+

      DragLesque Party is a club show party that combines burlesque and professional-level drag shows with dance music and an atmosphere of freedom, acceptance and support! Is waiting for you:
      • 4 sections of 4-5 numbers of incendiary travesties and burlesque numbers (as well as numbers from artists of related genres - circus, acrobatic and dance)
      • fun interactive competitions with prizes, as well as dance breaks with music from guest DJs
      • The hall is standing room, but for an additional fee you can book a table for a group of friends. Please note that table reservation is an additional service that can be purchased in addition to already purchased tickets.
      • party takes place in a SISTERZ club
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      DragLesque brunch at Punch&Judy pub!
      A Sunday afternoon brunch is held monthly at the Punch&Judy pub. You will see 6 performances with half an hour breaks and entertainment from Skinny Jenny and Margot Mae Hunt!
      The program starts at 13:00, so that you have time to sleep after Saturday night and get together with friends for brunch, ends at 16:00, so that you are fresh at work on Monday!
      The program includes the most intelligent drag queen numbers, the most romantic burlesque, burlesque bingo with prizes from sponsors, pleasant music, new acquaintances and old friends on stage and in the hall! Special brunch menu with and without alcohol. And of course, a chamber atmosphere of love and acceptance!
      There is not enough information about burlesque for me, what to do?
      1. Вы You can watch Anya Pavlova's lecture on burlesque as a sociocultural phenomenon as part of the popular lecture series from Sexprovet 18+ or read Anya's interview about how to become a burlesque artist.
      2. Read about the show participants in a special project for Afisha magazine.
      3. Throw yourself a YouTube party watching the best festival performances of modern dancers, starting, for example, with this performance by Medianoche.
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